Damp Surveys and Damp Proofing

What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is the protective process that ensures moisture cannot pass through any walls in contact with the ground or floors. At No. 1 Home, we can assist with all areas of damp proofing in Bournemouth and the rest of Dorset.


Causes of Damp

  • Rising Damp
  • Penetrating Damp
  • Faulty Waterproofing
  • Condensation Problems
  • Leaks / Poor Maintenance Works

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    Spot the Signs

    What to look for.

    It is vital that the cause of the damp in your home is accurately identified and diagnosed before any work is undertaken.

    What to Look For

    • Musty Smells
    • Peeling Wallpaper
    • Deteriorating Plaster
    • Dark Stains on Walls
    • Mould/Mildew
    • Black Dots around Window Frames

    All of the above damp issues can cause damage to your property and your health.  As exceptional damp proofing specialists, No. 1 Home will provide you with effective solutions to eradicate all causes and symptoms of damp.

    At No. 1 Home, our damp proofing specialists will complete a thorough survey and discuss all findings with you in an easy to understand report – the very same day. Using this information, we’ll be able to provide you with the most effective solutions for damp proofing in Bournemouth and throughout Dorset.

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    Damp Proofing

    What We Do.

    As Damp Proofing Specialists, No.1 Home offer the most effective Damp Proofing treatments for your property.

    Damp Proof Course (DPC) – We will install a Damp Proof Course (DPC) by drilling into brickwork and injecting a highly effective and specially formulated solution which has almost no odour.

    Watertight Barrier – Once applied, the solution will penetrate the necessary areas and create an active watertight barrier to prevent moisture rising from the ground into the treated walls, reducing water absorption by up to 95%

    Simple & Neat Application – The process is simple and neat, so you don’t have to worry about a messy worksite. Our team will always pay the utmost respect to you, your family and your property.

    Remove Damp Plaster – The masonry will begin to dry out. However, the damp walls will not dry out fully unless the existing plaster is removed and replaced.  No.1 Home is able to provide this service as part of any service for damp proofing in Bournemouth and throughout Dorset. We remove any of the affected plaster, thereby eradicating any symptoms of damp infestation from your property entirely.

    Re-Plaster Walls – As part of your Damp Proofing Service No. 1 Home will apply a fresh layer of plaster ensuring that the affected surface is left looking as it did prior to the ingress of damp into your home.

    Clean & Tidy – Once your new Damp Proof Course (DPC) has been installed, we will ensure your property is left clean, tidy and damp free.

    There are numerous health issues associated with damp, so it’s always best to be proactive.

    If you suspect that your property may be suffering from the damp issues described above, then please feel free to call No. 1 Home today for a no obligation discussion. As the best choice for damp proofing in Bournemouth and the rest of Dorset, you’re in safe hands with us.


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    What clients say


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    The team of two worked well with a very high standard and were proud of their finished work. I was very pleased and would like to recommend them to anyone.

    Mrs Mariner

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    I was very pleased with your team today, they arrived early and I am very happy with the work carried out. My property has been left clean and tidy. I would recommend this company to anyone.


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    The team who carried out the work at my home today was spot on, they arrived on time and carried out excellent work. They left my property in a clean and tidy order. I will be using your services again and would recommend.

    Mrs Green