Dry Rot in Bournemouth

Are you dealing with dry rot at your private home or your commercial property? Dry rot in Bournemouth is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible to make sure it doesn’t escalate and cause any permanent damage. The experts at No. 1 Home are here to help you deal with it quickly and effectively. Give our friendly customer services team a call any time on 0800 068 33 87 to discuss your requirements and book a free survey!

Our Bournemouth dry rot eradication services

Welcome to No. 1 Home where we specialise in helping people improve their home in various ways. Dry rot in Bournemouth is an issue that a lot of homeowners have to deal with it at one point or another. When identified by a team of experienced professionals, it can thankfully be eradicated relatively simply. There are various signs to look out for that may be an indication of a developing dry rot problem. The most common initial signs are as follows:

  • Darkened Timbers
  • A Musty Smell
  • Red Dust
  • Grey Strands Popping Out of the Timber

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    Dry rot is a more urgent problem than wet rot due to its ability to spread quickly onto nearby building materials. This means that the problem has a tendency to worsen in a relatively short amount of time. To get it properly identified, reach out to No. 1 Home for a free survey that will give us a full overview of what we are dealing with. With many years of experience behind us, we will know exactly what to look out for and how to proceed after the inspection.

    Once we have found the source of the problem and figured out how exactly it started, we will then remove the source of the moisture, fixing all of the surroundings affected by it as well. Our team members will then walk you through various methods for ensuring that the issue doesn’t become a reoccurring one.

    Offering fantastic customer service is at the heart of everything No. 1 Home does as a company. Prior to beginning the process of eradicating your dry rot in Bournemouth, we will offer you a full written quotation that will not change when the job is finished. There are no hidden fees or other unwanted surprises that you need to worry about. We will always offer a service that is professional and completely transparent.

    Why choose No. 1 Home as your dry rot Bournemouth team?

    No. 1 Home is the leading local company for identifying and efficiently eradicating any issues related to condensation including dry rot. With highly effective solutions carried out by a dedicated team at great prices, we are ideally placed to be your first and only point of call when dealing with dry rot in Bournemouth. Your home will be a much more pleasant environment once we have completed our efficient treatment.

    Whether you are looking to install a damp proofing course in Poole or you need some help dealing with dry rot in Bournemouth, we will have you covered every step of the way. We are wholly dedicated to offering home improvement services that make your property a nicer environment for residents and visitors alike.

     “The team who carried out the work at my home today was spot on, they arrived on time and carried out excellent work. They left my property in a clean and tidy order. I will be using your services again and would recommend.” –Mrs. Green, Dry Rot Bournemouth Customer Testimonial

    With many years of experience behind us, we have really seen it all before when it comes to dry rot in Bournemouth. While the extent of the issue and its initial causes can vary from property to property, our methods for eradicating it are tried and tested. You can rely on our experts to carry out an effective treatment that takes care of it once and for all. We will also walk you through all of the necessary steps to take to make sure it has no chance of returning.

    If you are now convinced beyond any doubt that the No. 1 Home team is most qualified one when it comes to dry rot Bournemouth properties suffer from, then reach out to us at your earliest convenience using one of the contact methods below .

    Dry Rot in Bournemouth

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    Are you ready to get in contact with the most qualified Bournemouth dry rot removal team on the market? There are several ways that you can reach our team to tell us about your requirements and book your survey. Please feel free to either call us directly on 0800 068 33 87, e-mail [email protected] or fill out our online form with some details – we will respond very shortly.


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