Dry Rot Treatment Poole

Has your home become inundated with dry rot? Are you concerned about the integrity of the areas that have been affected? If so, it’s time to act as the long-term consequences can be quite hazardous. Here at No. 1 Home, we’re the number one remedial specialists and are the go-to company for a dry rot treatment Poole customers can depend on. For your FREE quotation, call us today on 0800 068 33 87.

Professional Solutions for Those Seeking a Dry Rot Treatment in Poole

Dry rot is a highly destructive condition that commonly affects timber that has been exposed to damp for prolonged periods. It is usually an indicator of an underlying problem, so when dry rot is spotted; it’s usually not the only thing that’s occurring. As such, if you’ve encountered this issue in your home, contact No. 1 Home immediately to request the most effective dry rot treatment Poole can offer.

When dry rot occurs, it attacks the timber resulting in decay and degradation that’s brought about as a result of the rot digesting the cellulose that comprises the timber. As this happens, the strength of the timber weakens and eventually fails which is bad news for home and business owners. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away. We’ve provided Poole dry rot treatment services that have proven highly effective for many years.

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    How Can Our Team Help With Your Dry Rot Treatment Poole?

    Obviously, the first step is to identify the presence of dry rot in your property. We recommend checking any areas which aren’t too well ventilated as these locations often present ideal conditions for the fungus to grow. Typically the earliest signs that you require dry rot treatment in Poole are:

    Darkened/Cracked Timbers

    Red Dust

    Grey Coloured Skin on Timber

    Damp Musty Smell

    White, Fluffed ‘Cotton Wool’ Mycelium

    Once the signs have been noted, it is vital that you request an immediate dry rot treatment. Poole properties that have been infested with dry rot are at risk of the rot spreading. It can grow over and through virtually any porous material so long as a source of nutrition is readily available. If left unchecked, dry rot can easily overwhelm a property in a short space of time.

    Upon arrival, a member of our team will assess the severity and extent of the infestation. A survey will be completed after which; the customer is supplied with a no-obligation fully itemised quotation. We provide Poole dry rot treatment solutions that involve, first, controlling the source of the moisture. Once this issue has been addressed, a masonry biocide and fungicide will be used to eliminate the dry rot.

    As part of our dry rot treatment, Poole customers can rely on us to remove all infected timbers and replace these with brand-new, unaffected timbers. We will then install enhancements designed to improve the ventilation in the affected area to prevent the dry rot’s return.

    Why Choose Us for Your Poole Dry Rot Treatment?

    With more than 30 years’ experience to call on, no other company can hope to compete with our level of experience and knowledge. Both domestic and commercial customers have entrusted their properties to our remedial specialists for the whole time our company has existed. It is the many plaudits and referrals that really speak for themselves. You only have to take these into account to realise that we’re the only choice for your dry rot treatment Poole.

    Our team are all fully trained and certified by both the PCA and the ISSE. Their goal is to provide our customers with honest, professional advice and never to upsell a service that isn’t required. You can trust our team to be upfront and completely transparent during all dealings. No other team instils as much trust in the clientele as ours. Is it any wonder then that we’re so highly regarded as the go-to company for a dry rot treatment in Poole?

    Dry Rot Treatment Poole

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