Spray Foam Insulation Poole

Do you need to replace your current insulation, or are you having a property built and need a solution? Well, here at No.1 Home, we provide spray foam insulation Poole residents will be grateful for. Our experienced team apply Lapolla to homes to achieve optimal insulation. For a free quotation, give a member of our team a call on 0800 068 33 87.


Poole Spray Foam Insulation to Protect Your Home

It is essential that your home has the correct insulation to maintain its thermal efficiency. For that to happen, you should consider using No.1 Home for spray foam insulation in Poole. Bear in mind that around 33% of air escapes through walls, ceilings and floors, so without the right insulation, your property could be losing heat.

The spray foam insulation, Poole residents, which we use is called Lapolla, which seals the building envelope. This method keeps conditioned indoor air within the property and stops unconditioned air from coming in. There are many aspects of a building that can cause energy loss, including windows and doors, crawlspaces, air infiltration and air leakage.

If you choose No.1 Home to help with your insulation needs, then Lapolla is one of your best options. Like many homes in Poole, spray foam insulation will save you money in energy bills, which could be reduced by up to 45%. Our experts will apply Lapolla to walls and/or loft spaces, and as a result, there will be a more even temperature in your home.

As well as the benefits mentioned, our spray foam insulation in Poole will help protect your property from a rise in dust, dirt and mould. The overall structure of your home could also be strengthened with the use of Lapolla. An added advantage is that this substance is also environmentally friendly.

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    How to Spot Signs of Poor Insulation

    If your current insulation is not up to scratch, then there will be various signs in your property that you should be looking for. Come to No.1 Home for spray foam insulation, Poole residents, if you notice the following:

    Moisture Damage

    Cold Spots

    Multiple Drafts

    Rise in Heating Bills

    It is our priority to not only meet our customers’ needs but to exceed them. With that in mind, when you turn to us for Poole spray foam insulation, then you will receive a 25-year product warranty.

    Why Choose Us for Spray Foam Insulation, Poole Residents?

    As already mentioned, there are plenty of benefits of enlisting our experts at No.1 Home to apply spray foam insulation in Poole. The method will maintain your property’s energy and will save you money in the long run. Our team are more than happy to conduct a free no-obligation energy assessment of your home to give you a better idea of why your property is losing energy.

    Here at No.1 Home, we are damp proofing specialists, but our technicians also have expert methods when it comes to spray foam insulation. Poole clients should know that all of our staff have undergone PCA training and are members of ISSE. Each project that we take on is carried out to the highest standards, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

    Customer service is hugely important to us, which is why we guarantee a friendly and professional manner when you enlist the services of our team. Whether you require damp proofing or spray foam insulation, Poole residents can expect stellar treatment from our technicians. All of our advice is straightforward, so you do not have to worry about being inundated with jargon!

    Spray Foam Insulation Poole

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