Preserving Timber

Timber is an important construction material and a key component of most properties. However, it is vulnerable to problems related to damp, fungi and wood boring beetles. If left unchecked, any of these issues can cause extensive damage rendering a property structurally unsafe and placing the occupants in danger.

What causes it?

The most common causes of damaged or collapsed timbers are:

Preservation – At No. 1 Home, we are experienced at providing timber preservation which can be essential in preventing structural failure. These methods vary depending on the nature of the issue that is being tackled.

Protection – By providing timber preservation, the strength of timbers are increased and insects and fungi are eliminated. Your home will be protected from the consequences of diseased or damaged timbers.

So, if you’re in need of timber preservation in Bournemouth or anywhere else in Dorset, make sure you give our specialist team a call now.

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    Timber Problems

    What we do.

    Our aim is to deliver high-quality and reliable timber repairs which are tailored specifically for your property’s needs.

    No. 1 Home will always endeavour to retain structurally sound timber. However, severely affect timber, it may need to be repaired and replaced.

    We have timber repair solutions for:

    • Joist Ends
    • Carrier Beams
    • Wall Plates
    • Beam Strengthening
    • Timber Resin Splices

    Epoxy Resin Treatment – Epoxy Resin is a fluid material that can be used to repair and strengthen timber within a property. It is a solvent free, resin solution which is designed to strengthen weakened wood fibres by penetrating deep into the wood.  It is non-porous and therefore completely waterproof. It can also be shaped to match the existing detail of the structure.

    Paste & Gel Treatment – When structural and decorative timber is only partially decayed a paste or gel treatment can be used.  Our specialists will then apply the gel to the surface of the timber where deep penetration is required. Our No. 1 Home specialist timber gel contains a concentration of fungicide in an emulsion that is designed to penetrate the timber structure deeply.

    Protection – If the timber is wet at the time of application, the active ingredients diffuse rapidly into the timber to provide protection against both fungal decay and wood boring beetles.

    Moisture Control – It should be noted that, when controlling fungal decay, it is essential that steps are taken to eliminate any source(s) of moisture causing decay, in conjunction with the chemical treatments, as part of the overall specification of repairs.

    Whether we are replacing timber, treating it with chemicals or using epoxy resins to repair damage, our highly experienced and qualified surveyors and technicians will not only preserve your properties structural integrity but also maintain its aesthetic qualities too.

    No. 1 Home will not only preserve your properties structural integrity but also maintain its aesthetic qualities too through timber preservation in Bournemouth and the rest of Dorset.

    If you have concerns about your property’s timber structures let us provide you with peace of mind.

    We will be able to survey your home and provide a no-obligation quotation for any work that you wish to be carried out

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    The team of two worked well with a very high standard and were proud of their finished work. I was very pleased and would like to recommend them to anyone.

    Mrs Mariner

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    I was very pleased with your team today, they arrived early and I am very happy with the work carried out. My property has been left clean and tidy. I would recommend this company to anyone.


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    The team who carried out the work at my home today was spot on, they arrived on time and carried out excellent work. They left my property in a clean and tidy order. I will be using your services again and would recommend.

    Mrs Green