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Do you have timbers in your home and believe they could be affected with dry or wet rot? If so, you will require the assistance of timber treatment specialists. Bournemouth, look no further than No. 1 Home, a team with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. We have dealt with these issues before, so we’ll know exactly how to proceed. Call us today on 0800 068 33 87 to find out more.

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Here at No. 1 Home, we have a team of trained and professional experts, all of whom have experience in finding the symptoms of dry rot and wet rot. While they are two very different problems, we are timber treatment specialists in Bournemouth who can handle it all.

Dry Rot

This is a serious condition that causes the decay and degradation of any timber or cellulose-based product it comes into contact with. It can often result in structural integrity problems, which is why it’s important to have it handled quickly and efficiently.

Typically, dry rot leads to the fungal decay of any affected timbers after prolonged contact with a source of damp. This is especially true in poorly ventilated areas, with the source of damp being anything from leaks, defective gutters, rising damp, or elevated ground levels.

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    There are many obvious signs to look out for and, if noticed, require immediate attention from timber treatment specialists. Bournemouth residents should keep an eye out for:

    Darkened/Cracked Timbers

    Red Rust

    Grey Coloured Skin on Timber

    Damp, Musty Smell

    White, Fluffed ‘Cottonwool’ Mycelium


    How We Can Help With Dry Rot

    As your Bournemouth timber treatment specialists, we will be able to correctly identify the cause of your dry rot. We will assess the severity and how quickly it is spreading in order to advise you on the best treatment for the situation. In certain areas, by controlling the moisture source and letting the structure dry out, we will be able to prevent dry rot spores germinating.

    However, some areas may also need to be treated with a masonry biocide and fungicide paste in order to prevent further outbreaks. Having treated the timber, we remove any infected material before replacing or repairing the timbers.

    As a preventative method, we then improve the ventilation within a property. It may be necessary to install a mechanical ventilation solution to remove moisture-laden air from the property. Finally, as your timber treatment specialists, Bournemouth residents will be advised on any steps to prevent this issue reoccurring at a later date.

    Wet Rot

    This is a severe form of timber decay cause by fungal growth, and it has the potential to impact the structural integrity of your property. In homes that are affected by high moisture levels, wet rot can quickly establish.

    It could indicate an underlying problem such as a burst pipe or sub-standard insulation, so it’s important to reach out to timber treatment specialists in Bournemouth. While wet rot doesn’t spread to unaffected areas and is therefore less destructive than dry rot, it can still cause problems if left unchecked.

    Wet rot can be divided into two types; brown and white and, due to the range of species, it can often be difficult to identify. The correct identification is as important as the treatment, so you should look out for damp feeling timber, darkened timber, fungal growth, weakened floorboards, and more.

    How We Can Help With Wet Rot

    At No. 1 Home, we are timber treatment specialists Bournemouth can trust to handle wet rot quickly and effectively. We are experienced in finding the symptoms and visual clues that indicate wet rot is present.

    Our team will identify the nature, type, and extent of the decay in order to provide the right treatment. When we have found the source, we will dry out the area, after which we will apply fungicidal paste to the surface and centre of timbers. Then, we will remove and replace any structurally unsound timbers before finally, advising you on any steps that can safeguard your property.

    Timber Treatment Specialists Bournemouth

    Choose Us for Timber Treatment Specialists Bournemouth Can Trust

    Here at No. 1 Home, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and are your local damp experts. Every member of our team have attended PCA training courses, so you can be certain you are dealing with the Bournemouth timber treatment specialists.

    Customer satisfaction and excellent service is something that is of paramount importance to us. As such, you will always be given a friendly, comprehensive, and professional service from your initial phone call. We guarantee, as timber treatment specialists Bournemouth can trust, that each property will be given our expertise, care, and attention.

    At No. 1 Home, our timber treatment specialists in Bournemouth won’t baffle you with complicated jargon. We will always provide you with straightforward advice and let you know what we are doing every step of the way.

    With every project carried out to the highest standards, and a guarantee for up to 20 years, you can have complete peace of mind when employing our team. Furthermore, as your timber treatment specialists, Bournemouth can benefit from a no obligation quote for our services.

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