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Are you detecting the symptoms of wet rot in your home or think you have a problem with wet rot? If that is the case, then you need to call No.1 Home straight away on 0800 068 33 87 for the best wet rot treatment Bournemouth has to offer. We have decades of experience to offer so you can be sure that we will deliver unbeatable results at very competitive prices. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.


Professional Bournemouth Wet Rot Treatment

When it comes to choosing a provider for wet rot treatment Bournemouth, it always pays to make sure you are using the most reputable and competent company on the market. With this in mind, you will be pleased to know that our team offers unparalleled services for all kinds of damp problems.

Whether you are looking for a specific service, such as wet rot treatment in Bournemouth, or a more general and comprehensive solution; we are the team you need. Some of the other services we offer include:

These often go hand in hand, like damp proofing and wet rot treatment Bournemouth. This means that we are in the best position to ensure your property stays healthy and can extend its longevity and value.

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    What is Wet Rot?

    Wet rot will require wet rot treatment in Bournemouth as soon as it’s detected because of its potential to cause systemic damage to the building. It’s a very severe form of timber decay caused by fungal growth, which eats away at the starch content of the timber.

    The starch in the timber essentially acts as an adhesive and a key structural component of the timber itself. Without the starch, the timber becomes brittle and crumbles very easily and this is only made worse when the timber is wet. Without proper wet rot treatment, Bournemouth homes can become dangerous to live in and need to be overhauled in order to make them safe again.

    Wet rot affects homes that have an elevated moisture level, which can be caused by a number of underlying issues. Timber naturally absorbs moisture, so in homes with high humidity, they can quickly become damp and, therefore, the rot-causing fungus can take hold. Our Bournemouth wet rot treatment will eliminate the problems caused by the fungus.

    There are both obvious and subtle reasons for moisture and wet rot to occur. A burst pipe will almost certainly become evident very quickly but can have lasting effects on the home if left untreated. Poor insulation or inferior damp proofing can also be problematic in the same way, but over a longer period of time, which means it often goes unnoticed. Don’t hesitate to call our specialists if you think you might need wet rot treatment in Bournemouth.


    Our Specialised Wet Rot Treatment Bournemouth

    The team of experienced and knowledgeable surveyors we have will be able to inspect your home and give you the lowdown on your damp situation. After the survey is complete, we will discuss any necessary wet rot treatment Bournemouth services you require. Each case is different, so your specific case will be fully outlined by our team on site and you will have ample time to ask questions that you might have.

    Why Choose Us for Bournemouth Wet Rot Treatment?

    Here at No.1 Home, we have over 30 years of experience to offer for all forms of damp treatment and prevention. We take pride in being able to ensure the long-term health of your property and can provide exceptional results at very competitive prices. For any further details, please talk to our team by using one of the contact methods outlined below for wet rot treatment Bournemouth.

    Wet Rot Treatment Bournemouth

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