Woodworm Treatment Bournemouth

Has woodworm invaded your home? Have they infested the timbers causing structural weaknesses to occur? If so, this could be a sign of an underlying issue. Here at No. 1 Home, we can provide a woodworm treatment, Bournemouth residents can count on. We can also identify the issue that led to the infestation. To request our services, simply call us now on 0800 068 33 87.

Professional Woodworm Treatment in Bournemouth

Woodworm is an issue that can affect properties of all ages and can cause tremendous amounts of damage if left unchecked. Usually, a problem such as this will occur at certain times during the year, typically between May and September as this falls in the middle of their breeding season. Once your home has become infested, only the most effective woodworm treatment, Bournemouth has to offer, will rid you of these pests once and for all.

Here at No. 1 Home, our remedial specialists know a thing or two about treating woodworm and correcting the damage that they cause. We can quickly diagnose the extent of the issue and recommend Bournemouth woodworm treatment services which are cost-effective. When it comes to woodworm, time is of the essence, so don’t waste a second longer and give our team a call today.

What is Woodworm?

It is a common misconception that woodworm is a species of worm. In fact, the term refers to several species of wood-boring beetles, specifically their larval stage. During the breeding season, adult beetles will deposit their eggs on the surface of nearby timber structures. These hatch into larvae which tunnel down and begin to feed on the wood. As they feed, the structure of the timber is weakened.

The level of damage caused depends on the species. Some species are simply a nuisance, whereas, other species can cause enough damage to lead to the building being condemned. The good news is that regardless of the species, we provide the most effective woodworm treatment, Bournemouth residents can count on to rid them of this unwanted house guest.

What Causes Woodworm?

Woodworm are drawn to damp environments, and usually, their presence indicates an underlying issue. If there are damp timbers, it’s worth checking for leaking pipes or seeing whether the damp is coming through your walls, ceiling or floors. So long as the area is kept dry, woodworm will be unlikely to establish a foothold. If they have, our woodworm treatment in Bournemouth can go beyond simply eradicating the woodworm.

What are the Signs of Woodworm?

Woodworm often leaves behind tell-tale signs which are easy to spot. If you’ve spotted any of the following signs in your home, it’s time to call No. 1 Home to request a woodworm treatment, Bournemouth:

  • Holes in the Timber – round or slightly oval-shaped – clean, sharp edges – vary in size.
  • Tunnels in the Wood – known as “galleries” – vary in size.
  • Bore Dust (Frass) – a fine powder usually found around the edge of the holes or inside the boreholes.
  • Crumbling or Damaged Timbers – indicative of a serious and long-standing issue which should be addressed immediately.
  • Dead Beetles – found around the infested timbers, can be used to identify the species and, in turn, the most effective treatment.

Once you’ve spotted these signs get in touch with No. 1 Home as only our team of professionals can fully diagnose the extent of the problem.

Woodworm Treatment Bournemouth

How Can No. 1 Home Assist with Bournemouth Woodworm Treatment?

The first step for our team is to carry out a complete inspection and to compile a full risk assessment which will outline the scale of the infestation. Once we’ve assessed the situation, a plan will be devised, and we will select a suitable woodworm treatment. Bournemouth residents will receive an estimated timescale and may be asked to vacate the property while we treat the infestation.

Part of our assessment process will also include lifting floorboards in a parallel manner. This is done to minimise disruption, and all floorboards will be returned to their correct position once the treatment has been applied. Our woodworm treatment in Bournemouth involves applying an insecticidal timber preservative to the area. This penetrates down deep eradicating all woodworm and protecting the timbers against future infestations.

As well as being the best choice for woodworm treatment Bournemouth can offer, we’re also the number one company for other services too. For instance, we can remove and replace any badly damaged timbers and even track down and correct the issue that caused the outbreak in the first place. Our range of remedial services is extensive and includes damp proofing, dry rot, wet rot and rising damp.

To arrange a survey at a time that is convenient for you, call No. 1 Home today on 0800 068 33 87.

Why Choose No. 1 Home for Woodworm Treatment Bournemouth?

When you’re faced with a remedial issue, you require the services of a well-established company with an excellent reputation for quality, affordable services. Here at No. 1 Home, we have been providing customers with the benefit of our expertise for more than 30 years. Our Bournemouth woodworm treatment specialists have all attended PCA training courses and are fully certified to provide a knowledgeable service.

They won’t baffle you with complicated jargon. Instead, they will explain the problem to you in a way that makes sense and will keep apprised of every little development as they proceed with tackling your remedial issue. Our company comes highly accredited with organisations such as the ISSE and the FSB. So, when searching for a reliable woodworm treatment, Bournemouth can trust in No. 1 Home to deliver.


For the most reputable supplier of a woodworm treatment Bournemouth has seen, call No. 1 Home today on 0800 068 33 87.